Free Yoga Friday: What I Also Didn’t Review

Sorry to bring you a not-so-content-filled post, but I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time either going to class or practicing my own sequences at home. As such, it’s left somewhat less time for finding and trying out practices I want to review. (I need to try each practice at least twice — three times for longer ones — before I feel comfortable writing about it.) So here are some that I’ve elected not to try a second time. As noted before, there are a variety of reasons I might opt not to try a practice a second time, and I’m discovering that one of the most common ones is that I’m simply not the target demographic for a particular sequence.

While I’m not posting anything I noted to be unsafe, of course, I always recommend using your own best judgment.

Beginners Power Yoga For Flexibility

Yoga for Health: Immune Boosting Yoga Flow Sequence

Yoga for Women – Yoga For Cramps and PMS

If you are motivated to consider any of them in more detail than I have, consider this an official invitation to guest post. :)


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One comment on “Free Yoga Friday: What I Also Didn’t Review
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