I’m a dedicated yogi who often struggles to fit yoga into daily life — because of work, because of chronic pain issues, because of outside expectations for and demands on my time and my life. In part, I started this blog to help me focus on fitting yoga into my daily life.

I suppose I need to put in a standard “I’m no expert” disclaimer, and I think that’s doubly true for me. While I’ve been practicing yoga for about a dozen years and while I do my best research to ensure that what I post is good for my own practice, I have no formal training as a yoga teacher. You should feel free and welcome to critically question anything I write and of course to use your best judgment when it comes to your own practice.

Edit 11/27/12 — I also now have a comment policy for this blog.

3 comments on “About
  1. Kimberly says:

    Hey! I love your information and videos about yoga and your other posts like hating PE class in high school! I’ve nominated you for this award – http://cavedownunder.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/wooo-i-got-an-award/

  2. […] of the best guest posters a blogger could wish for. Today’s post comes courtesy of Tori from Anytime Yoga. A secondary teacher in the US, Tori enjoys many things in life: making education and critical […]

  3. wendysahl says:

    I’m trying to do the same 🙂

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