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Chronic Pain Conundrum

Pain intense enough to cause nausea. The medication that will help alleviate this level of pain? Comes with a side effect of nausea. And that person, the one who likes to joke, “At least you have the good meds.” Not

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I’m not interested in functioning.

Yesterday, I read My Body is a Cage by Wiley at Disrupting Dinner Parties. (Notes on the link for trans* and body image issues.) The whole thing is great and worth a read. But I’m bringing my thoughts about it

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Restorative Practice, for Menstruation and Other Times I Feel Like Shit

Over the years, a lot of different people have offered me opinions — sometimes asked for, sometimes not — on what type of practice works best during menstruation. I’ve come to a couple of conclusions: Overall, recommendations vary so widely

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That Endo Moment

When you notice that one of your register coupons is for $4 off a pack of ThermaCare HeatWraps. (Four dollars off of a seven dollar item! This is significant!) And you say out loud to yourself, in the middle of

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Flying with Chronic Pain: Self-Care at Flight Time

You can find the previous installments of this series here and here. Don’t get me wrong: I think booking flights and packing bags with pain needs in mind is a form of self-care. However, they’re forms of self-care where the

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Flying with Chronic Pain: Packing

Continued from here. As you’ve probably figured out, getting the most comfortable seat I can reasonably manage — or rather, the least uncomfortable seat I can reasonably manage — on an airplane is important to me. It’s five immobile hours

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Flying with Chronic Pain: Booking Flights

So I’m flying this summer — I do more summers than not. And I hate it. It hurts. But it’s necessary to get where I want to go. It hurts because airport — and airplane — seats are excruciating for

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