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Menstruation & YA Lit

I’m at a point in the year where I need to recharge, which — as you might be able to tell from the rash of book-related posts — means a lot of reading. As I am never shy to share,

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That Endo Moment

Or series of moments. When you stop taking your blood-regulating oral contraceptives a month before school lets out, on the bet that the end-of-semester stress will keep your bleeding at bay better than the synthetic hormones. And when you notice,

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Endo Problems

When there are no fewer than six pain relieving products or devices in the house — wait, TENS unit, make that seven — and none of them is the right one.

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Inversions and Blood

I know lots of people with Opinions on yoga and menstruation. Some believe that a gentle, restorative practice — like this one, for example — is generally the way to go. There are folks who see no reason why periods

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Pelvic Floor PT: First Exam

Continued from here. I realize it’s been a while since the last installment of the series. Conveniently enough, I was sidetracked by endo, one of the main reasons for me going to pelvic floor PT in the first place. Q:

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Awareness Isn’t Enough

As much as I love Endometriosis Awareness Month — because for such a common condition, it is too little known and too greatly misunderstood — I kind of hate it as well. Yes, I get that it’s a first step,

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More Endo Talk

I was at the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona Blog again yesterday, talking about endometriosis one last time. That post focused on endometriosis treatment and trying to sort out the pros and cons of various medical and surgical options. If

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