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That Thing I Do with My Hips

It’s a MenstroMonster kind of day, so I spent my asana practice working on releasing tension in my hips and pelvis. Not that all — or even most — endo pain is tension related, but it’s nice to be able

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Invader Zim & Aspirin

Really? We think aspirin will cure that shit? Maybe if I boiled the bark of an entire willow forest. Moving on.

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Invisible Illness Backtracking

And cross posting, as this originally appeared on my Tumblr. 22. My illness has taught me: That there have been basically no new advances in endometriosis management in the last 10 years. That we still have a long way to

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Invisible Illness Challenge 23

Yellow sticky note with 6 blue ovals and the text, "Period starts tomorrow: double up your NSAIDs TODAY!"

So I’m doing this invisible illness challenge on my Tumblr. A lot of my responses have been short, so I’ve left them over there. But the one about getting under my skin… well, it did what it said, you know?

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This is what chronic pain feels like.

It’s a bad pain week. In lieu of original content, let me co-opt a YouTube video. Today’s chronic pain lesson brought to you by Gir! (Video from kittiekrazy via YouTube.) Different colors, different speeds, different flavors — all the same

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Thoughts on a Chakra: Svadhisthana

(Lucille Clifton reading her poem “homage to my hips.” Found via YouTube. Text available here at Poem Hunter.) These hips are full of scar tissue. They need movement to keep from seizing up. They don’t tolerate being told to stay

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Normalizing Pain

Microwave heating pad tied at lower back.

I want to piece together a couple of items I read this week. The first is the following quotation, found via Shakesville, by Alasdair Thompson, the head of New Zealand’s Employers and Manufacturers Association. “Look at who takes the most

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