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Yoga Month, Yoga Wisdom

Me in high lunge.

So, September is National Yoga Month. A lot of places — both brick-and-mortar studios and online spaces — are offering free classes. Not having access to good filming equipment (or, you know, a yoga teacher certification), I thought instead to

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Walk Myself Thin

I’m standing in the exercise and fitness section of my local used book store, browsing the titles on running and anything else that might be of interest. I’m specifically looking for Born to Run, anything else on barefoot running, or

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Unwisely: Part 9

Yet another story continuation. Trigger warnings for relationship abuse and self harm. I want to say we didn’t ignore it. And technically, we didn’t. The first time we talked in person again, after that class, I said, “One good reason.”

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Teacher Secrets 10

I recognize that for some of you, I am not your first best chance at a high school education: I am your last. And I take that very seriously.

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I Didn’t Mean You

An acquaintance of mine posted a fat joke on their online journal: Doctor: At a healthy weight, I should be able to feel your ribs. Fat Patient: Do McRibs count? What about baby back? Personally, I think the joke is

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Unwisely: Part 8

This is a continuation of a story from previous installments. Trigger warning for relationship abuse and self-harm. He passed me a note during class. Rather, he set a folded piece of paper on my desk and sort of slid it

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Obese Health Happens

I received an email today in what I think is a response to this post (maybe among others) from a couple of weeks ago. It reads: I don’t think it’s responsible to say that the only thing we can tell

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