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Teacher Secrets 6

Today I watched you break your mother’s heart.

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Teacher Secrets 5

Yes, I take late work. Sometimes I even “forget” to reduce credit for it. The ideal is that you submit fabulous work on time, yes. But — when the options in reality are late versus never — I would rather

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This post discusses fat shaming, dieting, and disordered eating patterns. Recently at The Curvy Nerd, Alexa expressed her frustration with other Internet commenters who evangelize (and cast judgment) via the “sheer willpower” diet: And, for the record, the SHEER WILLPOWER

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Teacher Secrets 4

When you say, “I forgot it at home, but it’s finished, I swear!” I do realize that sometimes it is a lie. But the answer is, “Bring it tomorrow,” either way. So why fight?

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This isn’t the title I remember.

This post discusses domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I should write. I’m scared to write. (Of memories, not for anything happening in my life now.) I thought of copying a story I wrote years ago. It’s good;

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Teacher Secrets 3

Sometimes I call home the day before the paper is due so that I don’t have to call home the day after.

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I think it’s my soleus.

Gray's Anatomy drawing of posterior of lower leg, including the soleus muscle.

This is one of those stories where someone — lots of someones, actually — told me I couldn’t do something — in this case, a standing split balance pose — and then I went ahead and did it anyway. This

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