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Pelvic Floor & Poses I Love to Hate

It may be odd for me to end this core series with a pose I love to hate, but it may also leave me something to grow on. After all, if I only practice poses that are perfectly wonderful every

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Letting Things Happen

I love to be doing. If I’m running, I like do be out on the street going somewhere, rather than running on a treadmill or around a track. Even if my street route is basically the equivalent of a really

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That Thing I Do with My Shoulders

My body is incredibly forgiving when I push it while running or practicing yoga. However, it — specifically my shoulders and upper back — is significantly less tolerant of my time at my desk or spent sleeping scrunched up on

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Heels, Redux

My sneakers and skirts look has not gone unnoticed at work. When teachers comment, I say, “Allowing myself the freedom to move makes me a better teacher.” When students comment, I say, “I’m not willing to worry about how I

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Thoughts on a Word: Focus

I hear it at the beginning of my practice: “Set an intention or focus.” I hear it after a physically challenging vinyasa or standing series: “Come back and focus on your breathing.” I hear it in standing balances: “Set a

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Matters of Intent

DVD Cover of Total Yoga: Fire

I have been doing a lot of physical thinking lately, about anatomy and asanas and my body in poses. My brain was ready for a partial break, so when I went to my mat this morning, I opted to use

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Spine Warm-Up & Self-Massage

Because it’s Friday and I deserve it. Also because apanasana is a great way to move into an asana focus on the erector spinae. Apana is the term for the force that removes “stuff” from the body — where “stuff”

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