Everyday Yoga

The purpose of Everyday Yoga is to increase the body diversity in pictures of yoga poses. Yoga is for all bodies regardless of size, shape, or flexibility — and it’s good to have visual reminders of that.

How This All Got Started:

  • Everyday Yoga — Introducing the idea and explaining my reasoning behind it in more depth.
  • How Does This Thing Work? — The nitty gritty details on time lines, submission methods, photo ownership, and commenting policy.

Photo Posts:

Calls for Submissions, Past & Present:

Finally, a couple of notes on images and commenting.

Policy on Images: While you’re welcome to link to Everyday Yoga posts, the images inside the posts remain the property of their owners. Please don’t download, direct link, or copy these images without their explicit permission. My permission is not enough because these images, save for the ones of me, aren’t mine to give.

Commenting Policy:

  1. Please no body policing.
  2. Similarly, this is not the forum to critique anyone else’s pose unless a person specifically requests help.
  3. It is, however, totally okay to request help or input about an issue you’ve been having with a pose — keeping in mind that the comments here do not constitute professional advice.
  4. I moderate all comments on my blog anyway, but I reserve the right to block comments that disregard the above guidelines or are otherwise ill-intentioned or abusive.
2 comments on “Everyday Yoga
  1. Sandee says:

    Hi, I just found your site and like you I have pelvic muscles tight enough to bounce a quarter off of. I am new to yoga and am not sure which poses will be helpful and Which I should avoid. Oh, one more thing, I am no spring chicken so my parts don’t move to well!

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