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Hips & Ham

Erm, well, hamstrings. I am not so much a fan of the eating kind of ham. However, the more I looked into glute stuff, the more I realized that when it comes to hip extension, the gluteus maximus usually works

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Hip Yoga: Butts!

So, intermittently, I’ve been talking about hips, most recently, about the hip flexors. Now it’s time to talk about butts. Specifically, the gluteus maximus, a big ass (pun intended) muscle and one of the main hip extensors. (The other muscle

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Hip Yoga: Variations on a Lunge

Still looking at low lunge to stretch the hip flexors, this is just a quick post highlighting some fun variations. Mostly, they start to incorporate other areas of the body into the stretchy goodness. The first one I actually do

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Hip Yoga: Revisiting

So the heavy duty hip flexor is the iliopsoas muscle group, half of which I included as part of the core series because the psoas portion has its origin point on the lumbar spine and because the iliopsoas can have

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Hip Yoga: Why?

Stick figure drawing of side angle pose, lower arm drawn in red.

Well, first, I need a new anatomy series. Not only does it make my NerdBrain happy, but it also makes for manageable writing when I am otherwise distracted — by events such as the MASSIVE PILE OF WORK I need

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Path of Least Resistance

I post this alignment thought not because I’m an expert or because I even know if it’s a common issue, but because it’s one that I do myself. Also, it relates to the psoas muscles, and aren’t things nifty when

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I think it’s my soleus.

Gray's Anatomy drawing of posterior of lower leg, including the soleus muscle.

This is one of those stories where someone — lots of someones, actually — told me I couldn’t do something — in this case, a standing split balance pose — and then I went ahead and did it anyway. This

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