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Things That Are Awesome About Southern Arizona

With election season coming up — it’s started for us, with a bunch of contested primaries happening on August 28 — there are a lot of in-my-face reminders of what’s not awesome in Arizona right now. The state could use

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This is the dog blogging.

Grey dog raising one front paw.

My human is off at the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona blog again. This time, she is writing about the thyroid screening services most Planned Parenthoods in Arizona offer. It’s part of a series designed to show Senator Jon Kyl

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Unless You’re There with Me

Dear Arizona Legislature, With all the lovely, vomitous anti-reproductive rights (because let’s face it, you’ve already decided that “merely” working to outlaw abortion is not extreme enough) bills you’ve been introducing lately, please do not think that Senate Bill 1009

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Not Without Protest

Trust me, I realize how very crammed the state legislature is with people who advance frighteningly bigoted policies, particularly with respect to labor, education, and reproductive justice. I get it: I live here. Which is why it’s important for me

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