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Hip Yoga: Nautical Variety

In case you’ve been practicing boat pose and were like, “Damn, I like feeling like I just set my abs, hip flexors, and quads on fire. If only there were more ways to do it!” Or, perhaps a bit more

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That Thing I Do with My Shoulders

My body is incredibly forgiving when I push it while running or practicing yoga. However, it — specifically my shoulders and upper back — is significantly less tolerant of my time at my desk or spent sleeping scrunched up on

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The Second Chair Warrior

It’s not directly related to either the psoas or the pelvic floor muscles (though it’s not far removed from either), but warrior 2 is a logical next place to go with the chair series. Physically, it’s not too far removed

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September Stuff I Liked

My second monthly links round-up. These are links to blogs or other writings that I found thought-provoking in some manner. Generally, I do like them, but that’s not to say that other authors’ views are equivalent to my views. Sex

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More Chairs, More Feet

Sometimes, spreading my toes is not enough. It can get me through a boring training where people are paying kind of a lot of attention to me (even if it’s mostly not to my feet), but at some point —

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