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Yoga Month, Yoga Wisdom — Pain

The first thing yoga taught me was that not all pain is good pain. The second thing yoga taught me is that not all pain is bad pain. Particularly for someone who’s recently come to realization of the first, I

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Obamacare, Birth Control, & Me

Today is the day. As part of the Affordable Care Act, insurers will have to cover some preventative services — birth control pills among them — without copays or cost-sharing, in the first plan year that begins on or after

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Scared to Ask

This post is part of Blogging Against Disablism Day: It started when they moved the faculty lounge to the second floor. The faculty lounge is important for two reasons. Not because anyone lounges there but because our mailboxes, which we

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The Things I Forget

Yellow sticky note with line drawing of a menstrual cup and text, "Did you remember your cup?"

More WEGO health blogging: The Things We Forget. Visit and make your own version of a short memo reminder. Where would you post it? A few of mine: Usually, this is in the context of remembering to bring a

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Not the Brilliantist Mad Lib Ever

But, you know. I followed the instructions: Health Madlib Poem. Go to : and fill in the parts of speech and the site will generate a poem for you. Feel free to post the Madlib or edit it to

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Miracle Grapefruit Spoons

Disclaimer: This product description has been provided for entertainment purposes only. It has not been approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. As you may have guessed, the health blog challenge thingie (you

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Jalapenos y Masturbation

Pain is endometrium leaving the body.

More WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. Today: Learned the Hard Way. What’s a lesson you learned the hard way? Write about it for 15 today. First and foremost, if you are going to dice hot peppers and then masturbate,

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