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In My Backyard: Part 5 — The Non-Creeping Garden

Continued from here. When the backyard belonged to my grandparents, I liked to think of the patio belonging to my grandfather and the yard belonging to my grandmother. The patio held the charcoal grill, the picnic table with massive adjustable

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In My Backyard: Part 2 — The Swing Set

Continued from here. When we tore out the pool, the ground beneath it looked scarred. Literally, the grassless dirt underneath bare and shiny. Where the perimeter of the pool used to be, a raised ridge like a welt. That welt

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Trucking Through

My dad died a little over two years ago. If he had lived, he would have turned 59 this month. I mean to write about him more than I do, but I can seldom find the words. Many of my

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