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It’s Just Me

Note: This post contains weight loss talk and references to disordered eating patterns. I was talking recently to someone close to me, someone with whom I have a little trouble enforcing boundaries. In the course of our conversation, I mentioned

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Saying Goodbye to Skinny Jeans

When I was younger, I would occasionally watch my mom clear out her closet. Some of the clothes were ones I’d never seen before and that clearly dated from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s (before I was born). Some, on

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Wellness Oops

Remember the work wellness challenge I posted about a couple of weeks ago? If you’ve forgotten, it basically goes like this: Challenge consists of some food and exercise mini-challenge as well as an overall weight loss challenge. I contacted the

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Why I’m Frustrated by Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss

Not because she went from a double-digit size to a single-digit size. She is the boss of her body. Not because she’s prouder of her weight loss than she is of her Oscar. Again, it’s her life, and she’s free

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Work Wellness Challenge

At work right now, we’re having a wellness challenge, where the overall challenge is made up of several dietary and exercise challenges. (It seems this wellness challenge lives almost entirely in the realm of physical wellness.) A lot of the

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This post discusses fat shaming, dieting, and disordered eating patterns. Recently at The Curvy Nerd, Alexa expressed her frustration with other Internet commenters who evangelize (and cast judgment) via the “sheer willpower” diet: And, for the record, the SHEER WILLPOWER

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No Blame

“I blame my parents.” I’ve been talking with a few people in real life about body image and struggles with weight. The above sentiment seems to be a common thread. While the specific connection varies, at least a few people

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