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Yoga Pants All the Time

Woman in crow pose, i.e., squatting and balanced on her hands.

For even before starters — Within the bounds of municipal legalities, people get to wear what they want. In fact, I suppose, even outside the bounds of legalities, people get to wear what they want so long as they are

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I Can Dress Myself

Person wearing black sports bra.

I have been doing so for approximately 29 years. While I have been, at various times in my life — see: ages 4 and 19 — rather nonchalant about this thing we call “matching,” mostly, I have got this shit

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Letter to Clothing Retailers

To department stores, women’s clothing retailers, sellers of athletic wear or other specialty clothing, and all other relevant business ventures: I accept that the majority of you do not sell clothing in my size, despite the fact that I have

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Swimsuits & Boobs

I was originally going to call this post, “Fuck, It’s Swimsuit Season Again” to better express my sentiments, but I decided dropping the f-bomb as the very first word of the post was not the better part of valor this

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The Price of Pretty

“You look so pretty!” It’s the first day of my second year as a teacher at this school, and my principal is gushing at me. I wonder what I looked like on the first day the year before that the

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School Pictures

From late last week. Yes, I sat for my school picture today barefaced. Because let’s be honest when was the last time you saw me in make-up? Second, even by second period my whirlwind of teaching has made my hair

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Heels, Redux

My sneakers and skirts look has not gone unnoticed at work. When teachers comment, I say, “Allowing myself the freedom to move makes me a better teacher.” When students comment, I say, “I’m not willing to worry about how I

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