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This time it’s me writing over at Fit and Feminist: Hating Gym, Scale Edition (discussion of body image, weight, and BMI) — I used to like gym, before ninth grade. Then some teacher-sanctioned body-shaming happened.

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The Price of Pretty

“You look so pretty!” It’s the first day of my second year as a teacher at this school, and my principal is gushing at me. I wonder what I looked like on the first day the year before that the

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Personal Narrative: Variations on a Theme

Between working first as a writing tutor and then as a writing teacher — and, oh yeah, as a writer — I’ve seen a lot of personal narratives over the years. While each person’s story is their own, I’ve noticed

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School Pictures

From late last week. Yes, I sat for my school picture today barefaced. Because let’s be honest when was the last time you saw me in make-up? Second, even by second period my whirlwind of teaching has made my hair

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My Deal with Heels

Reconstructed conversation I had with a coworker — let’s call her Nicole — the other day. The words are paraphrases, but I have attempted to accurately convey the overall sentiment. I decided it would be awesome to try to wear

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It’s the Little Things

Today I was privileged to utter the most fear-gripping words on the face of the planet. “Please take out a number two pencil and clear everything else off your desk.” Five times.

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