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Hating Gym: Liking Gym Edition

I have admittedly invested a lot of both time and effort in chronicling why I despised my ninth grade gym class: Scale Edition and the competitive BMI portion of my PE grade. Menarche Edition, complete with gushing and dodge ball.

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Yoga Month, Yoga Wisdom

Me in high lunge.

So, September is National Yoga Month. A lot of places — both brick-and-mortar studios and online spaces — are offering free classes. Not having access to good filming equipment (or, you know, a yoga teacher certification), I thought instead to

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Hip Yoga: Easy Hamstring Stretching

I know that a number of instructors sequence reclining big toe pose toward the end of a sequence, but I actually prefer to do it more toward the beginning. When I do it early on and with a strap, it

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Playing with My Playlist 3: Your Mojo Is in Your Hips

You know how when you’re going through your stuff, you sometimes find things that make you go, “What made me think it was a good idea to own this in the first place?” I do not own it, but that’s

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Playing with My Playlist 2

I’m not sure how much I love this one for me, so I’m considering deleting it from my personal playlist. That said, nothing about it is terrible for me, so I don’t want to get rid of it entirely. Ah,

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Hip Yoga: Build a Stronger Butt?

Woman in downward facing dog with one leg raised.

First off, if you do any kind of YouTube, Google, or other Internet search for “yoga butt” — or even the somewhat more technical “yoga and glutes” — you will find a plethora of pages promising to tighten one’s butt,

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Hip Yoga: Is Ass Stretching a Thing?

So I’m looking at the gluetus maximus as hip extensors (accurate, though it has other functions as well), and I am starting to realize — I am not sure I have ever consciously stretched my glues before. I’ve had instructors

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