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Quick Note: Light Posting Here, Heavy Posting Elsewhere

It’s election season in Arizona again, which means I’ve rejoined the nefarious underground of citizens in support of candidates who stand for such “extremism” as: Public education that is adequately funded and that values the contributions of education professionals. (Because,

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Awareness Isn’t Enough

As much as I love Endometriosis Awareness Month — because for such a common condition, it is too little known and too greatly misunderstood — I kind of hate it as well. Yes, I get that it’s a first step,

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More Endo Talk

I was at the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona Blog again yesterday, talking about endometriosis one last time. That post focused on endometriosis treatment and trying to sort out the pros and cons of various medical and surgical options. If

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Are you sick of me talking about endometriosis yet?

Because I kind of am. I mean, I’d really this were a much more manageable condition already and be done with it. Not only is endometriosis not particularly manageable, but it’s also often not easily or readily diagnosable — which

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This week’s theme is the social impact that endo has had on my life. I’ll get to this, I promise. As some readers might know, I hurt my foot about… a week and a half ago (at least at the

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I Hate My Hips

In case you read my blog and are not aware, I have endometriosis. (Yeah, that’s what that MenstroMonster tag is doing in the sidebar.) In case you are also not aware, March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. In light of that,

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Stop projecting your misconceptions about fat onto my life.

I’m sure that by now a lot of people have seen Paul Campos’s article “Our Imaginary Fear of Fat” in The New York Times. I read it, but then I made the mistake of reading the comments. Not the comments

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