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I Hate My Hips

In case you read my blog and are not aware, I have endometriosis. (Yeah, that’s what that MenstroMonster tag is doing in the sidebar.) In case you are also not aware, March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. In light of that,

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Hip Anatomy: External Rotation

I have not really forgotten about the hip series. Okay, I may have really forgotten about the hip series. Or at least pushed it to the back burner. But I’m back and am ready to talk about the external hip

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Goddess Squat

Which is simultaneously a hip yoga pose, an adductor stretcher, and a pose I love to hate. It may also be a pose that works the adductor muscles eccentrically. I would check that, but my copy of Yoga Anatomy is

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Hip Yoga: Eagle

In the last hip yoga post, I detailed a reclined stretching pose. For the next few posts of the series, I’m going to look at postures that contract and strengthen the hip adductors. (As someone with tight complementary muscles —

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Everyday Yoga: Chair Pose Pics

Purpose, in brief: Everyday Yoga is a project designed to show how a wider variety of bodies look in various yoga poses. The cover of Yoga Journal is spectacular, yes, but it’s not the only way to do yoga. Picture

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Everyday Yoga: Lunges, Multiple Flavors

Ha. So I totally left both the post-compiling and my own picture-taking until the last minute. And it’s not even the real “holiday rush” yet. Go me! Anyway, for folks new to this, please check out the Everyday Yoga page

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Hip Yoga: One More Abductor Stretch

I was ambivalent about tackling ardha matsyendrasana, not only because it’s a pose I love to hate, but also because I think the main reason it is such a pose is because it’s not so accessible to me on account

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