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Hip Yoga: Easy Hamstring Stretching

I know that a number of instructors sequence reclining big toe pose toward the end of a sequence, but I actually prefer to do it more toward the beginning. When I do it early on and with a strap, it

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Hips & Ham

Erm, well, hamstrings. I am not so much a fan of the eating kind of ham. However, the more I looked into glute stuff, the more I realized that when it comes to hip extension, the gluteus maximus usually works

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Hip Yoga: Build a Stronger Butt?

Woman in downward facing dog with one leg raised.

First off, if you do any kind of YouTube, Google, or other Internet search for “yoga butt” — or even the somewhat more technical “yoga and glutes” — you will find a plethora of pages promising to tighten one’s butt,

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Playing with My Playlist

Just like I’m going through my hard-copy DVD shelf this summer, I’m also going through my YouTube (and other places) playlists. I’m deleting things I don’t use or don’t like, watching the videos I’ve marked but never quite got around

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Hip Yoga: Butts!

So, intermittently, I’ve been talking about hips, most recently, about the hip flexors. Now it’s time to talk about butts. Specifically, the gluteus maximus, a big ass (pun intended) muscle and one of the main hip extensors. (The other muscle

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Hip Yoga: Wild Thing, the Easy Way

Wild Thing, an inverted backbend.

It doesn’t quite feel easier to me yet since I’ve been practicing it the hard way for about 10 years. It’s also worth noting that not everyone shares my fear of the drop back in the down dog version and

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Hip Yoga: Wild Thing, the Hard Way

In an inverted backbend, aka "wild thing."

I’ve been avoiding writing this post because I know other people have written about the same pose relatively recently. I’ve been avoiding writing this post because, when it comes to this pose, I’m not sure I’m qualified to explain. Then

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