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Letting Things Happen

I love to be doing. If I’m running, I like do be out on the street going somewhere, rather than running on a treadmill or around a track. Even if my street route is basically the equivalent of a really

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Teacher Secrets 3

Sometimes I call home the day before the paper is due so that I don’t have to call home the day after.

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School Pictures

From late last week. Yes, I sat for my school picture today barefaced. Because let’s be honest when was the last time you saw me in make-up? Second, even by second period my whirlwind of teaching has made my hair

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Heels, Redux

My sneakers and skirts look has not gone unnoticed at work. When teachers comment, I say, “Allowing myself the freedom to move makes me a better teacher.” When students comment, I say, “I’m not willing to worry about how I

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My Deal with Heels

Reconstructed conversation I had with a coworker — let’s call her Nicole — the other day. The words are paraphrases, but I have attempted to accurately convey the overall sentiment. I decided it would be awesome to try to wear

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No Blame

“I blame my parents.” I’ve been talking with a few people in real life about body image and struggles with weight. The above sentiment seems to be a common thread. While the specific connection varies, at least a few people

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I don’t want to change my body.

I’ve been doing some reading — namely, pieces like Beauty Schooled’s Why Loving Your Body Won’t Kill You (and related links), The Curvy Nerd’s A Letter to My Future Self, Sasha Paley’s novel Huge (review pending completion), and Shoshie’s Having

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