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Pain, Real & Imagined

[Note: While I am still participating in the WEGO Health Activist challenge, the prompt for today was to write a letter to my 16-year-old self, the likes of which I’ve already done relatively recently, so I decided that the better

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Pelvic Floor & Poses I Love to Hate

It may be odd for me to end this core series with a pose I love to hate, but it may also leave me something to grow on. After all, if I only practice poses that are perfectly wonderful every

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Pelvic Floor: Flying

There is a soft spot in my heart for crow pose (bakasana) because it is the first arm balance I ever learned. I hesitated because for someone who’s never done it, it looks like it requires a lot of strength.

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On Squatting

What do you mean you’ve forgotten the core series? I last wrote about it… oh. Over a month ago. Well, okay. There’s this core series; you can find it in the “core” category over in the right hand column. I’m

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Pelvic Floor: Finding It & Moving It

There are a lot of ways I’ve heard people describe how to activate the pelvic floor muscles: Stopping the flow of urine. Kegeling. Clenching. The pelvic lift you feel when you tuck your tailbone. Trying to hold in a fart.

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