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Health Activist Writer’s Challenge: Time Capsule

So. Because Endometriosis Awareness Month is over and also I am a masochist — okay, fine, I just like challenge! — I will be participating in the WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. Basically, they’re giving me a prompt a

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The Price of Pretty

“You look so pretty!” It’s the first day of my second year as a teacher at this school, and my principal is gushing at me. I wonder what I looked like on the first day the year before that the

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Heels, Redux

My sneakers and skirts look has not gone unnoticed at work. When teachers comment, I say, “Allowing myself the freedom to move makes me a better teacher.” When students comment, I say, “I’m not willing to worry about how I

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My Deal with Heels

Reconstructed conversation I had with a coworker — let’s call her Nicole — the other day. The words are paraphrases, but I have attempted to accurately convey the overall sentiment. I decided it would be awesome to try to wear

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Thoughts on a Chakra: Muladhara

It’s the first week of school for me, and over the course of the summer, my teacher life has been turned upside down. Certainly, a lot of these changes have been positive, but — I’ve moved classrooms. Our whole school

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The Problem with Pretty

Photo of black and yellow running shoe. In this photo, the shoe is just over 6 months old.

My running shoes are on their last legs — no pun intended — or, more accurately, their last bits of tread, placing me in the market for a new pair. Like a number of runners with high arches, I underpronate

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I need a teleporter ASAP, please.

I am one of the most awesome teachers ever. My new running shoes (which I will detail at a later date) are perhaps the most awesome foot coverings ever. It is way too damn hot. #1-3 are all interconnected.

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