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Search Terms, Round 3

Dog lying upside down.

An amusing and informative assortment of the search engine terms that bring people to my blog: why is deenie a banned book — Masturbation. Because overbearing mothers and stigma against physical disability are not at all frowned upon by book

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Thoughts on a Word: Wrecked

Yep, I’m still thinking about the New York Times article “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body”. This time, I’m going beyond my initial thoughts to touch on something that’s been bothering me — but that took me a while to

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Look Elsewhere

Having lunch with That Guy [TW for rape culture on that link] and a couple of other coworkers. Someone else passes by — someone who I did not see but who That Guy did. The flits of commentary follow. “Like

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Late Christmas Present: Answers to Your Search Queries

Original idea for this type of post from Clarissa. Individual search terms courtesy of Internet at Large. yoga sarcasm — Found my blog, did you? I’m also a fan of Recovering Yogi for the same reason. the tough words will

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On Misguided Compliments

Tonight (with the caveat that I am playing with the post scheduler, so the “tonight” that I’m writing is not the same as the “tonight” when people are reading) I attended a class at my yoga studio for the first

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Today’s Typo

I received a letter today from my university’s development fund asking for a donation. Despite my grammarphilia, deviations from “correct” grammar in casual writing or speech generally don’t bother me. However, when one is writing as both an employee and

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Thoughts on a Word: Tori

(Yes, I realize how self-involved this post is. I don’t really consider it a “great truth of life” type of post. More like a personal pet peeve.) Recently, I had a visiting consultant come to my room, armed with some

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