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Last call for blog carnival!

I don’t mean that today is the last time you can decide you’re participating, but it will be the last time I announce it. The Domestic Violence Awareness Month Blog Carnival is going live October 29th. If you have a

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Triggering Talk & Staircase Wit

This post and the video in it include some body policing statements that, on bad days, I find triggering. Others might as well. I recently saw Joy Nash’s Fat Rant 3: Staircase Wit — basically thinking of the perfect response

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Thoughts on a Word: Power

Last period, last question. Unexpectedly, the bell rings early. (WTF, PA system? The one time we hear the bell is the time it’s not supposed to ring.) Twenty-six students get up to leave. I say, “We’re not finished yet.” Twenty-six

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Thoughts on a Word: Fetching

Photo of small gray dog and small beige dog on couch.

fetching — adj. — attractive, pleasing — Merriam-Webster Right. So. My dogs have this rope toy. Sometimes I throw it for them. If they are in the mood, they run after it and bring it back. The best times happen

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Personal Narrative: Variations on a Theme

Between working first as a writing tutor and then as a writing teacher — and, oh yeah, as a writer — I’ve seen a lot of personal narratives over the years. While each person’s story is their own, I’ve noticed

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Poetry Break: Taylor Mali’s “Undivided Attention”

We started construction on our building addition today — right the fuck outside my window. So I find myself needing to teach with the passion of a John Deere busting up concrete and the mystery of men crossing themselves as

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Rape Is Not Your Metaphor for Popcorn

[This post contains rape jokes and discussion of rape culture.] What I should have said was, “Excuse me?” What I should have asked was, “The fuck is your problem?” What I should have pointed out was that when one is

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