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Winter Blahs Guest Blogging

I am having them — the post-holiday, second semester, too dark too long, isn’t-it-summer-yet blahs. I’m still writing, and I’ll keep writing. But one of the things that energizes me about writing is to share it with other people. And

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I read these things and thought they were nifty.

You Can Stop Wondering Why I’m Fat [notes for fat bias and body policing] by Ragen at Dances With Fat — “What I’m going to say is that this treatment of fat people is ridiculous.” The Secret To What Pro-Choicers

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Signal Boost: Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival

I’ve contributed once, then lost track of URLs and submission spots. The current call for submissions involves Women in Literature, a topic on which I have far too many potential posts in my head. I will submit something, of course,

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Those Posts I Meant to Write

My drafts list is full of a bunch of titles from posts I once meant to write. The ones where I actually start writing something substantive mostly do end up becoming published posts — usually here, occasionally elsewhere — so

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Guest Author — These Scars Were Made by Whiteness: Being a Biracial Venezuelan Immigrant

My name’s Emilia and I’m the blogmistress for the Shadow’s Crescent blog and tumblr. I’m a Latina trans* girl? and I write about gender, feminism, culture, veganism, programming, progressivism, and intersections of oppression and privilege. I also write and post

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Getting Political

As some of you may know, I’ve been doing some blogging over at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona (PPAA). It’s important to me not only because I support Planned Parenthood’s mission and goals but also because it’s one way for

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Zoe & Anna Kick Ass & Take Names

Or, “Real Vampires Don’t Eat Grilled Cheese,” the finale. This is part 9 in a 9 part series. The previous episodes may be found here: Part 5, which contains links to Parts 1-4 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 This

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