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Days 29, 30, and 31

Darn you, December! If you had an even number of days, I would not have had to mess up my pattern. Also, darn you, number 31, for being prime! Factors are your friends. Anyway. This is the last daily post

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Day 27 & Day 28

Winding down the Daily Dose of Yoga December challenge. Just a few more days. How have things been going? Day 27: More on Attachment Sometimes I think, “What could be so bad about attachments? It’s feeling happiness from the stuff

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Day 25 & Day 26

One of the last few Daily Dose of Yoga posts. Feel free to use or disregard at your discretion. Day 25: Undoing: Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone. The

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Day 23 & Day 24

We are coming toward the end of the December Yoga Challenge, though there’s still about a week to go. Maybe the real challenge will be whether I can post another week of daily meaningful suggestions! Day 22: Doggie Savasana Protip:

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Day 21 & Day 22

More daily yoga suggestions! Feel free to use whenever and/or modify. Day 21: I’m Sick and Tired and I Hurt and I Haven’t Got Time for This Shit Practice: Who doesn’t need a practice for days like these? Mine —

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Day 19 & Day 20

Another day of yoga suggestions. This time, both of them have to do with sinus discomfort. Because if it is that time of year again for me, it may well be that time of year again for others. After all,

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Day 17 & Day 18

In case you’re new or if you’re an “I don’t notice patterns” kind of person, this is another continuation of December’s Daily Dose of Yoga. Day 17: Non-Attachment to Results Tongue-in-cheek edition. I tried writing something for today. I tried

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